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Sarah Forgany Wiki: Sarah Forgany is an Egyptian-American news anchor at KENS 5 station, Texas-based the CBS affiliate in San Antonio. She is a talented professional who has got Associated Press Award for 4 times for her efforts. Sarah speaks fluent Spanish and Arabic. Click below to know more about Sarah Forgany Wiki, Biography, Personal Life, Facebook, Instagram.

Personal Life of Sarah Forgany

Sarah Forgany 
Sarah Forgany Wiki

Forgany was born in Cairo, Egypt, where she spent her early life with her family at Houston, Texas until she was 11. Sarah did her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Houston.

After her graduation, she worked for KTRK, News24Houston. Forgany then joined the staff of KLFY, the CBS affiliated to Lafayette, a weekend news anchor, and reporter in Louisiana covered the 2010 Haiti earthquake and Hurricanes. From 2010 Forgany was the anchor weekday morning news in KENS 5.

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Biography of Sarah Forgany/ Sarah Forgany Wiki

Real name: Sarah Forgany.

Nickname: Sarah.

Gender: Female

Born in: No Detailed Information.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

Occupation: Journalist, News Anchor

Nationality: Egypt, United States

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt Houston.

Ethnicity: Arab

Language(s): English, Arabic, Spanish

Alumni of: University of Houston

Employer: KENS 5

Work Location: San Antonio, Texas.

Sarah Forgany Facebook:

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Sarah Forgany Instagram: No Detailed Information. 

Career and Covering of the Disaster of Sarah Forgany

She worked hard to reach such a height from an Anchor to Editor and then to a Producer.  Sarah hasn’t given up at any circumstances and this is what that made her reach such heights.

On April 2010 She switched from Texas to KENS 5 working there as a Reporter and a journalist. She covered both the national and the International news for the channel. When she was working as the Journalist the got chances to interview many famous personalities such as Bill Clinton, Governor Bobby Zinder, also covered the Special occasions such as festivals, parties etc.

She welcomed all the pros and corns so that she could know whether her coverages are worthy of people’s point of view. A great earthquake occurred in Haiti, She covered from the top to bottom of the earthquake and broadcasted in order to help people and rescue them from the disaster.

She also covered other disasters caused due to Hurricanes such as Gustav and much more. Sarah was appreciated for her remarkable works and was rewarded more.

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Sarah Forgany Wiki
Sarah Forgany Facebook
Sarah Forgany Wiki
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Sarah Forgany Wiki
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Sarah Forgany Wiki
Sarah Forgany Wiki
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