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Shantanu Moghe is a film Actor and a Serial Actor from India. He acts in Bollywood and Marathi Languages. He is acted in Movies like Trusha, Chhabu Palali Sasarla, Rannbhoomi, Carry on Maratha, and Shoor Amhi Sardar to his credit. Click below to know more about Shantanu Moghe’s Wiki, Biography, Personal Life, Father, Birth date, Wife, Movies, Net Worth, Children, Family.

Personal Life of Shantanu Moghe

There is no personal Information about Shantanu. Moghe father’s details are not available but he is a Marathi actor and there is no clear information about his mother as of now.  Priya Marather is his Daughter-in-law His younger brother is Poet-lyricist Sudhir Moghe but he is no more now, died in an accident.

There is no clear information about his school life and college life. There is no clear information about his height, hair color. His birthdate is still not known.

Moghe is famous for choosing of his roles in films like Madhuchandra, Sinhaasan, Gammat Jammat, Umbaratha, and Vasudev Balwant Phadke and stage plays like Varyavarchi Varaat, Tuze Aahe Tujapashi, and Lekure Udand Jali.

Biography of  Shantanu

Name: Shantanu Moghe

Real Name: Shantanu Moghe

Nickname: Shantanu

Profession: Actor

Date of Birth: Details Not Available

Hometown: Details Not Available

School: Details Not Available

College: Details Not Available

Father: Details Not Available

Mother: Details Not Available

Age: Details Not Available

Zodiac Sign: Details Not Available

Religion: Details Not Available

Educational Qualification: Details Not Available

Hobbies: Details Not Available

Nationality: Indian

Marital Status: Single

Spouse: Details Not Available

Current Residence: Details Not Available

Shantanu Moghe Facebook: Details Not Available

Shantanu Moghe Twitter

Instagram of Shantanu Moghe

Shantanu Moghe’s Filmography

  • Madhuchandra
  • Sinhaasan
  • Gammat Jammat
  • Umbaratha
  • Vasudev Balwant Phadke
  • Carry on Maratha
  •  Mission Possible
  •  Trusha

 Shantanu Stage plays

  • Varyavarchi Varaat
  • Tuze Aahe Tujapashi
  •  Lekure Udand Jali

Shantanu Moghe’s Images

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Biography of shantanu Moghe
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