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Vitaly Grechin: biography, photos, personal life

Vitaly Grechin - a man who drew the attention of the public and the media thanks to his nude shoots in the city of Dubai, according to the media he faces half a year in prison.


Nothing is known about his childhood. On his page it says that he lives in Kiev with the girls of model looks. But no one knows who his parents are, and he does not give any information about himself. He was born February 23, 1980 and is now 41 years old. Quite a young and ambitious man who lives for his own pleasure.

Interesting facts

The guy attracted attention after they were caught in Dubai for erotic filming. If you go to Vitaly's page, you can see that the man likes to vacation with girls, and not just one, but the whole company at once, this time they visited Dubai. According to information from open sources, it is known that he lives in the city of Kiev.

In addition to this he has an American passport, as it was later found out he moved there when he was over 10 years old. He is receiving two higher education degrees there, and he even served in the army of the United States. He is best known as a man who likes to throw parties with female escorts, and also likes to take erotic photographs. He even knows Barack Obama and financed his election campaign and took pictures with him and on top of that he knows George Clooney, and Hillary Clinton.

Personal life

The man's personal life is fine, he is surrounded by 10 girls with whom he lives in the center of Kiev, where he has his own apartment. He also supports these same girls, you could say he has his own harem. As it turned out he has a son, and he talks about it this way. "I'm a weekend dad, but at least I make our weekends unforgettable."

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