Will Smith Biography

Born on 25th September 1968 in Pennsylvania Will Smith is a powerful and fun-packed actor in Hollywood. He is most commonly known by his stage name The Fresh Prince. He an American by origin and has also created a name for himself as a rapper and a producer. Will Smith has experienced success in fields of music, television and most importantly his films. He has also been nominated for some prestigious awards such as the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and also the Golden Globe Awards.

Quick Facts:

  • Nick name: Mr. July, Fresh Prince
  • Date of birth: 25th September 1968
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Origin: United States
  • Profession: Actor, Rapper, Producer
  • Known for: Being a powerful actor in the Hollywood
  • Website: http://www.willsmith.com/

Childhood and growing up years:

Will Smith was born on 25th September in the year of 1968 in West Philadelphia which is located in Pennsylvania. He was born and raised in this place but also spent his time in Germantown which is located at the Northwest of Philadelphia. He was the second of the four siblings who were born to the blessed couple Willard Christopher Smith and Caroline. His father was a refrigerator engineer and he also owned a refrigerator company while his mother was employed as a school administrator in the Philadelphia school board. Will Smith was raised as being a Baptist and sadly, his parents separated when Smith was just thirteen years old while they officially received their divorce in the year of 2000. Will Smith was originally both a Native American heritage and also an African American and he attended the Overbrook High School which is located in Overbrook section in the state of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It was during his childhood days itself that he got his nickname “Prince” because of his ability to get his way out of trouble. As a child, Will Smith excelled in his studies and furthermore, he signed up for the high-status Julia Reynolds Masterman Laboratory and also the Demonstration School which is situated in Philadelphia. There is a large spread rumor that Will Smith turned down the scholarship that he received to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) but however, he never did applied for this school and was instead admitted to a pre-engineering program in the same institution.

Will Smith had originally started his career by signing up to be a MC for the hi-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince along with his childhood buddy Jeffrey who was present as a turntablist and a producer. This trio-group was popularly known for their humorous performances combined with their friendly radio songs. The most notable songs of this trio were “Summertime” and also the “Parents Just Don’t’ Understand”. For their musical creations they had won the first Grammy Award in the category of rap Songs in the year of 1988. In this trio works, Will Smith had his line in the song “Voices That Care” which was released in the year of 1991. This song was a Persian Gulf War song by a group of celebrities. Later in his life, he started performing with “DJ Jazzy Jeff” and the duo was known as “DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince”. In no time, the dup became had gained popularity and were gaining attention all over the world for their songs. Money was free-flowing for Smith in his early career and as a result he started his spend a lot in buying cars, jewelry and also houses and this act of his resulted in bankruptcy just in his early twenties in the year of 1990 because he was underpaying his taxes. Eventually, The Internal Revenue Service had imposed a $42.8 million tax debt on Will Smith and also took away a number of his valuable possessions while garnishing his income levels. In the year of 1989 he met Benny Medina who gave him the idea of portraying him his life in Beverly Hills. No sooner than he heard this idea Smith was totally in love with his thought and accepted the offer. For this purpose he approached the NBC who would help him to sign a deal to telecast a show by building a sitcom where the show was titled as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. The show was started in the year of 1990 and the series lasted for six years and the plot of this show was simple where Will Smith played himself as a street-smart West Philly kid who was later on shifted to the Beverly Hills. While the show was experiencing success by now, the aim of Will Smith was to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world and for this purpose he studied the characteristics of box office success. We see him playing major roles in the famous drama Six Degrees of Separation which was released in the year in 1993 and also in the action flick Bad Boys in the year of 1995. With these movies, Will Smith’s movie career was set.

Claim to fame:

While his movie career was taking shape, in the year of 1996 Will Smith got the luckiest offer for being a part of the cast crew for Ronald Emmerich’s movie “The Independence Day”. This movie has seen a massive blockbuster hit and soon it had become the second highest grossing movie in the history. Not only that the movie had created a record, it was this particular film that had established Will Smith as an actor in the prime box office. In this movie Will Smith plays the role of an alien-battling Marine Cops Caption named Steven Hiller. Followed by this movie, he was starred in Gene Hackman’s film title Enemy of the State. However, he rejected the role of Neo in the film Matrix because he had accepted Wild Wild West in the year of 1999 which was a disappointing movie. Although his movie Wild Wild West did not do well at the box office, Will Smith said that he does not regret the decision of opting this movie over the deal of playing the role of neo in the movie The Matrix and he also said that Keanu Reeves had done a better performance for the role than what he could have done but contrary in certain interviews which he had given subsequent to the release of the movie Wild Wild West he said that “he made a mistake by opting Wild Wild West”.

In the year of 2005, Will Smith had acquired international fame as his name made it to the Guinness Book of World Records by creating a record by attending three premiered in just a span of 24-hour hours. He then planned to be a part of a feature film which was a remake of the television series “It Takes a thief”. Two years later in the year of 2007 on 10th December Will Smith was recognized at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre located on Hollywood Boulevard. Here, Smith left the imprint of his feet and hands outside the world famous theatre amidst many well-wishers and his fans. Later in the same month, Will Smith was seen starring in the movie I Am Legend which released on 14th December in 2007. This film had received marginal reviews but its opening saw the largest film released in the United States in the month of December. Will Smith too believes that this movie was an aggressively unique movie. The next year of 8th December TV Guide had reported that Will Smith was selected among the American Top Ten most Fascinating people of 2008 for a Barbara Walters ABC special that was telecasted on 4th December 2008. At this time, he was also shooting for the film The Last Pharaoh in which he plays the role of Taharqa. The President of United States Barack Obama too praises Will Smith and said that if incase in the future a film is about on him, then he would have the popular Will Smith play the role of him while stating that he has the perfect ears for being him. He also said that the two have had a discussion of making a film on the elections which took place in the year of 2008 but this will not happen till Obama holds the office of Presidency.


Presently he is filming for the movie Men in Black III which is stated for a release in 2012. In this film Will Smith plays the role of Agent J which is one of his most popular roles that he has taken up till now and this role of his has been a major starring role for Will Smith in the past four years.

In the year of 2011, on August 19th Will Smith has announced that he returned back to the studio in order to work with the producer La Mar Edwards, who has previously worked with T.I, Game and also Chris Brown. The duo is making a new album.

Will Smith has seen acting in nineteen films till date and out of which fourteen films of his have acquired gross earning of over nearly $100 million out of which four have crosses more than $500 million around the global box office revenues. Will smith’s most financially successful movies are Bad Boys, Men in Black, Independence Day, Bad Boys II, Men in Black II, The Pursuit of Happiness, Enemy of the State, I Am Legend, Wild Wild West, Hancock, Hitch, Shark Tale and also Seven Pounds. Apart from setting records with these movies he has also acquired critical appreciation for his performances in movies like The Pursuit of Happiness, Six Degrees of Separation and Ali while he received the Best Actor Oscar Award. However, Will Smith credits his success to his father’s dedication towards his children. In the year of 1922 Smith was married to Sheree Zampino and later had a son whom they named Willard Christopher Smith III who was also most commonly known as “Trey”. But the couple was divorced in the year of 1995. Trey has appeared in Will Smith’s music video “Just the Two of Us” which was released in the year of 1998 and it was a single of Smith. However, later on Will Smith married an actress Jada Pinkett in the year of 1997. He then had two children whom they named Jaden Christopher and he was his co-star in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness and William Camile Reign who appears as his daughter in the movie I Am Legend. Presently, Will Smith along with his brother Harry Smith they own a Treyball Development Inc. which is a Beverly Hills based company and are named after his first son. Smith resides in his house which is located on Star Islands in Miami Beach situated in Florida.

He is also continuously listed in the Fortune Magazine in the list of Richest 40 among the forty wealthiest Americans under the age of forty. According to a magazine Smith is estimated to own a wealth of $188 millions. He also recently donated $4,600 to the presidential campaign for the Democrat Barack Obama. In the year of 2009 on 11th December Will Smith along with his wife have conducted a Nobel Peace Prize Concert in the place of Oslo in Norway during the time when Obama had won the prize.

Trade Mark of Will Smith:

  • Most frequently uses the phrase “Aw, Hell No!” in his movies
  • Most often Will Smith is seen playing the role of a cop or an agent

Awards and Nominations Received:

Will Smith has a number of awards to his credits. He has won four Grammy Awards till date and also been nominated four times for his performances and music for his song “Will 2k”, his movie Wild, Wild West and also “I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson”.

He has won nine American Music Awards in the category of Pop/Rock Male Artist. Smith has also acquired the MTV Movie Awards five times while also being nominated many a times. Besides, this he has four Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards while being nominated once. He has also won four awards of the People’s Choice Awards which is hosted in USA.

Personal Quotes:

“There’s so much negative imagery of black fatherhood. I’ve got tons of friends that are doing the right thing by their kids, and doing the right thing as a father – and how come that’s not as newsworthy?”

“My skin is hard when it comes to my music. But with my movies, I’m still a virgin in a lot of ways. I’m not used to being shot down for no reason.”

“I try to speak my points of view about black America, and how I feel about black men and the role that black men should play in their lives with their children and in their lives with their women.”

“Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away”

“Not if you pay attention. I mean, you’re sending all the right signals – no earrings, heels under two inches, your hair is pulled back, you’re wearing reading glasses with no book, drinking a Grey Goose martini, which means you had a hell of a week and a beer just wouldn’t do it. And if that wasn’t clear enough, there’s always the “fuck off” sign that you have stamped on your forehead.”

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