Jackie Robinson Biography

The nation league pennant winning baseball player-Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was named as Jack Roosevelt Robinson and he was born in the year 1919 in a sharecropper’s family. The mother’s name of Robinson was Mallie Robinson and she worked hard to raise Jackie and other 4 children.  It was the only black family that lived in that block. After working hard and going through several obstacles and harassment, Robinson became the first baseball player in the Africans-Americans who played for the major league. Because of the financial problems, Robinson joined the army and gave his service for 2 years and became as a second lieutenant. Because of the racial discrimination he was arrested while he was in the service but again he was given a honorable discharge after knowing the details and facts of Robinson.  In 1946 he got married to Rachael Isum who was a nursing student. He had three children.  The life of the Robinsons was considered as the important matter in the history of America. The 50th anniversary of Robinson was celebrated in the year 1997. He was the only person who fought against the racism and succeeded in gaining the civil rights. The Post office of the United States has given him the honor by considering him as the subject of the commemorative postage stamp.

Quick Facts:

  • nick name: Jackie
  • date of birth: 31st January 1919
  • place of birth: Cairo, Georgia
  • origin: Cairo
  • profession: Baseball player
  • known for: The first African American who played the major league base ball
  • website:  www.jackierobinson.com

Childhood and growing years

Jackie Robinson was born on 31 st January 1919 at Cairo in Georgia. Robinson was the first person as the African-American who played the major league baseball match. He strived hard for the civil rights to the black athletes. In 1957 he went through the retirement and at that time he has around .311 of battering average. He was a baseball player and at the same time civil rights activist.  He was youngest among all the five children in their family and he was brought up in poverty by his mother. He completed his education in Pasadena junior college with schooling in John Muir High School. He was a great athlete from school time and showed interest in playing sports like baseball, track, basketball and football. He was the famous player for baseball and gained this fame in the year 1938.

Mathew Robinson was the elder brother of Robinson and he gave inspiration to Robinson to participate in the athletics. Later he continued his further studies in California University and he was the first person to gain the varsity letters for the 4 sports.  Despite of this success, he left the California University because of the financial crisis. Later he travelled to Honolulu to play for the football match. But even this journey was unsuccessful because of the World War II. Then he served as the lieutenant for the U.S. Army for 2 years. Later he entered the major league baseball team and played for that team.

Claim to fame

After the honorable discharge from army, Robinson was selected for the baseball team. In those days, whites and the African- Americans played separately in the separate leagues. At first, Robinson played for the Negro leagues and after some duration, he was selected for the major league baseball. He travelled to Florida to get some training with royals and his first game was played on 17th march 1945.

The person who has selected Robinson for the major league already knows that he has to face some problems of racism. So has taken a promise from the Robinson that he will never fight back with the team members when there is a point of racism. The team members refused this person to be a part of their team and the Robinson family has to go through several threats during his play. Despite of all these obstacles, Robinson remained strong and gained highest batting average of all the team members. Even after playing for the major league, the people continued to harass Robinson. But Robinson still remained with the team and only his loyalty has supported him to have success in his career.

Almost all the tea, members including the captain of the team defended the play of Robinson In their team. In the mean while Robinson strived hard for the civil rights and he succeeded in getting the justice and the racial strife was put aside. He proved his talent in his way of play and he always helped the team to gain success. He even achieved the award of the most valuable player in National League. Very soon he became as the hero of that sport and the persons who criticized Robinson started to praise him for his work. He was the highest paid person in the history and this success of an African American guy has opened the doors for the other players.


After the success of the Robinson in the baseball team, he became as a champion for the remaining athletes mainly in the African-Americans. In his complete career, he had won national league pennant for many times. In 1955 he worked hard and supported his team to win the World Series. At last he got retired in 1957 with the excellent batting average. His records remain forever in this world. He is the person who opened the doors to the African- Americans to participate in the major league.

After his retirement, he started his business and continues as the social activist. Robinson was always remembered for his great work and contributions that is given towards the team. He suffered from the diabetes and the heart problems and died in the year 1972. After the death of Robinson, his wife has established Jackie Robinson foundation and it was dedicated for his work and for the entire life. This foundation helps the Young person’s by giving them the scholarships and offering other mentoring programs.

Awards and Achievements:

During the entire career of the Robinson, he gained three honorable awards in baseball. One is most valuable player, rookie of the year, and the most honorable one is entry into the hall of fame.  The main achievement of Robinson was gaining the civil rights through which he removed the racial barriers that exists among people. After the success of Jackie as the baseball star, everyone understood that the skin color doesn’t matter for the success of the person. It is the ability of the person that determines the success.

Personal Quotes:
The personal quotes of the Jackie Robinson inspires every one and they are the best quotes that we can never find and they remain forever. They resemble the strongest of that man and tells us about his zeal for not to be dominated or pushed down.  All the quotes that are given by Robinson will be against the racism. Let us see some of the popular quotes of Jackie Robinson

  • Above anything else, I hate to lose.”
  • “The way I figured it, I was even with baseball and baseball with me. The game had done much for me, and I had done much for it.”
  • “The right of every American to first-class citizenship is the most important issue of our time.”
  • “We have a social responsibility and we are held to a higher standard than other institutions,”
  • “But as I write these words now I cannot stand and sing the National Anthem. I have learned that I remain a black in a white world.”

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