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It’s My Life!!!

Jon bon Jovi- The man who always aspired to be a rock star when he was in his teen age has shook the world with his leg tapping songs and head banging stuff which is categorized under hard rock. His songs make us high when we listen to me and are one of the popular dance numbers which are played in every party and pub.

Some of the most famous songs by Jon bon Jovi are it’s my life, Bounce and the famous album “Destination Anywhere” which was a tribute to his friend’s daughter made the rock lovers weep.

“Wanted Dead or Alive”, a stage performance along with Sambora at the MTV Music Awards won him the fame of a rising star and was counted amongst top 50 beautiful people in the world.


Quick Facts:

  • Nick Name:  Captain Kidd.
  • Date of Birth: 2nd of March in the year 1962.
  • Place of Birth:  was born at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA.
  • Height: 5’10” approximately 1.78 meters.
  • Origin: New Jersey, American.
  • Profession: Singer, member of many rock bands, Studio Musicians, song writer, actor and a TV character.
  • Known for: He carried the most precarious hair styles of his time, the best lead guitarist and gave many stage shows using the acoustic guitar too.
  • Website:


Childhood and growing years:

John Francis Bongiovi was an American who bunk school like most other kids. But he had a great interest towards music, he was fond of music. He formed a group of friends who shared his interest and used to play at local pubs and parties. His songs are usually about hard times and also depicts how one rose from the hard times to fame. He used to play in local bands with his cousin and friends. His cousin owned a recording studio where Jon would spend most of his time.

Jon was appointed as a janitor for a band and was lucky enough to record some musical demos which caught the eye of certain local radio stations. After this Jon appointed a band by name “Bon Jovi” through which he attracted many companies and then grew into a rock star.

Jon’s first recording won him the fame by hitting the charts amongst the top 40, he was sued by his cousin Tony claiming he was responsible for creation of the unique sound.

Later in 1985, the band produced the second album called “7800 Fahrenheit“, which gained a gold record sale.

With the help of Desmond Child who was a professional song writer, Jon could attain high success which he always aspired for.

Claim to fame:

Jon worked being a part of “Bon Jovi” band till 1997. In the year 1997, Jon’s solo performance won him the fame of a rock star. Later Jon acted in three movies in the year 1998 and rose to fame as an actor.

After a gap of five years, Jon returned with his seventh album called “Crush”, which went for double platinum and topped the UK music charts for several years.


Jon has laid foundation stone for the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation which has helped in building more than 250 homes which were affordable by families and individuals with low incomes.

In the November of 2009, Jon’s Band has released an album “Circle” and he also featured “Everybody Hurts” which has been re recorded by twenty one artists in support of Haiti earth quake.

The recent activities of Jon include his appearance in the New Year’s Eve along with the glamorous Katherine Heigel.

Awards and Nominations Received:

  • Jon was awarded honorary award of “Doctorate of Humanities” by the Monmouth University in the year 2001.
  • Was given the title of “Sexiest Rock Star” by the People’s Magazine in the year 2000.


Personal Quotes:

“This is the way I look at sex scenes: I have basically been doing them for a living for years. Trying to seduce an audience is the basis of rock ‘n roll, and if I may say so, I’m pretty good at it…Plus, being married and monogamous, it’s the closest thing I can do to having sex without getting in trouble for it…The only thing I like more than my wife is my money, and I’m not about to lose that to her and her lawyers, that’s for damn sure.”

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