Akhenaton Biography

Founder of Amaron—the city where Aten was effective
Akhenaton was the popular IAM member who was born in the Marseille in the year 1968 on 17th September. He started his career by discovering new Hip hop music. He visited Newyork frequently which is the home of the Italian family. He started to give his performance in the Marseille clubs. He was the founder of the Amaron which is the city where the Aten the sun disk was very effective. He thinks that sun disk was the only god that exists. This though had filled much hatred against him in the minds of the Egyptian priests. After the death of the Akhenaton they abandoned that city and started to regain the same old religious god.
Quick Facts:
• Nick name: Chill Phil
• Date of birth: 17 th September 1968
• Place of birth: Marseille, France
• Origin: Marseille
• Profession: Member of IAM, Musician
• Known for: Hip Hop and heretic religion
• Website: www.touregypt.net
Childhood and growing years
Akhenaton was the ruler of the ancient Egypt. He was born to King Amenhotep III and Queen Tiy. The King had a good strategy that helped the nation to strengthen its power and the security. Akhenaton worshipped the Egyptian traditional gods in this childhood. He lived in the society where there is no chance of division both in terms of the politics and the religion. Due to this the Egyptian priests gained much fame as well as wealth and the power.
Since the political influence was increasing every day, the priests started to threaten the pharaohs. King has noticed this increase in power of the priests and he insisted his son to remove the threat after he attains the power. Akhenaton got married to the Nefertiti and they gave birth to six children.
Claim to fame
The new religion was set by Akhenaton but it is very difficult to gain the recognition among the Egyptians. It is mainly opposed by the priests of Amun. In order to avoid the division that has been raised among the people of Egyptians, he tried to build a new city that is completely devoted and worshipped Aten. He even abandoned some Thebes. He relocated with his family to this new city named Amarna.
He designed this city with great care and he showed personal interest in developing the layouts of the entire city, temples, palaces and the administrative offices.teh temples that are designed were very Unique and they are place near to the river. They do not have any roof so that the sun rays directly come upon the worshippers. He composed the hymns for the sun.

Akhenaton left this world in 17th year and after his death pharaoh Smenkhkara was the person to take his chair. Since the Akhenaton was against the traditional god, the priests tried to regain their religion. The Amarna city was abandoned after his death. The new kings have tried to completely erase the heretical religion that was built by this person. The temples were removed and the stone remained unused. Though the memories of the Akhenaton were completely removed but some of the famous lyrics that are designed by this person still remain in this world.
Awards and Achievements:
The Akhenaton was the Egyptian pharaoh and he was admired and defiled by everyone during his entire life. He was the first person to worship sun disk and thought that he was the primary god. He was the founder of the Amarna city. He rejected the traditional god of the Egyptians and because of this reason he was called as the heretic pharaoh. The priests of Egypt hated this person because of this unbelief.
At first in 1988 he published the essay on the La Deuxième Generation du Hip-Hop. In the same year he made several acts and changed his name to Akhenaton. He designed several Hip hop acts that have become much popular in that generation. He was even an artist, producer and a business man. After communication with the kheops he has won the award winning score for his hit 1998 film taxi. He started to work on the second disc and it was issued in the year 2001.
Personal Quotes:
• “When I look back now over my life and call to mind what I might have had simply for taking and did not take, my heart is like to break.”
• “As the moon retaineth her nature, though darkness spread itself before her face as a curtain, so the Soul remaineth perfect even in the bosom of the fool.”
• “Those who gave thee a body, furnished it with weakness; but He who gave thee Soul, armed thee with resolution. Employ it, and thou art wise; be wise and thou art happy.”
• “True wisdom is less presuming than folly. The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubteth not; he knoweth all things but his own ignorance.”

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