Lionel Logue Biography

“Speech Therapist who loved Rhythm”

Lionel Logue was born in the year 1880 on February 26th. He was the eldest son of George Edward Lounge who worked as a publican. Lionel Logue was a well known speech therapist and speech teacher who loved rhythm. He got freedom for King George VI from his long standing problem of stammering through various verbal exercises and tongue twisters.
Lionel Logue was a very kind and humble person who believed stammering was because of some trauma. He treated many people who suffered from this unusual weakness of stammering, King George VI being one of them. Lionel Logue used certain verbal exercises to get the people rid of this weakness.
He was a speech therapist and a speech teacher who developed a passion towards this profession because of his interest in rhythm.
Quick Facts:
• Date of birth: February 26th of 1880.
• Place of birth: College Town, Adelaide, Australia.
• Origin: South Australia.
• Profession: Speech Therapist, speech teacher.
• Known for: Treating King George and getting him freedom from his longstanding problem of stammering through various vocal exercises and tongue twisters.

Childhood and growing years:
Lionel George was the eldest son of George Edward Lounge who worked as an accountant and later shifted job to a publican.
Lionel George went to some public school and the age of 16 he lost his father.
He developed interest in rhythm and so decided to make his careers in voices. After he left school at the age of sixteen he went through elocution training by Edward Reeves. Lionel George served as a secretary to Reeves and also as a assistant teacher while studying music along side.
After the death of his father, he set up his own practices as teacher. He trained himself until 1904 where he received reputation and appreciation through local papers. Later he decided to make a contract with an engineering firm.
Claim to fame:
Lionel George rose to fame after took up professional career in Perth. He conducted plays and also conducted recitations along side acting, teaching and also public speaking.

Awards and Nominations Received:
• Lionel George was appointed as the commander of royal Victoria order by King George VI in the year 1944.
• He was a part of the chivalry where this is rewarded only particularly to the one who has been rendering personal service to monarch.
• King’s Speech which won four of the Academy Awards in the Best picture and also best actor category characterized Lionel George.

Personal Quotes:
• Surely a prince’s brain knows what its mouth is doing?
• Every monarch in history has succeeded someone who is dead. Or just about to be. My predecessor’s not only alive, but very much so. Bloody mess. Can’t even give them a Christmas speech.
• Easy enough to give away. You don’t have to carry him around in your pocket. Or your brother. You don’t need to be afraid of the things you were afraid of when you were five.

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