Eminem Biography

The birth name of Eminem was Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He was born in the year 1972 and he was called as slim shady or Eminem. He was a record producer, American Wrapper and an actor. The career and popularity of Eminem began in the year 1999 with the famous album The Slim Shady LP. He has won the award called Grammy award for this best album. The next album of the Eminem was The Marshall Mathers LP. This was the fastest and highest selling album in the hip hop history. The popularity of Eminem increased with these albums. The third album of the Eminem was The Eminem Show and even this album has won the Grammy award. In 2002, he produced a film called 8 mile and a song in this film received the academy award. Around 75 million albums of Eminem were sold in the complete world and he was considered as one of the best selling musical artist in those years.  He was one of the greatest artists and was named as Best Rapper Ever that is given By Vibe Magazine.

Quick Facts:

  • Nick name : Slim Shady
  • Date of birth: 17th October 1972
  • Place of birth: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Origin: Kansas city
  • Profession: Actor and Record producer
  • Known for: American rapper
  • Website : www.eminem.com

Childhood and growing years

Eminem was born on 17th October 1972 in the Kansas City, Missouri. He was born to a 15 year mother and he spent his childhood in the Kansas City and settled in Detroit. At that time he was of age 12 and since he had to change the schools for every 3 months.  He was a rap fan and he started the rapping at 4 years of age. He took this rapping seriously and started the career in rapping at 14 years and became popular in this profession at the age of 17 years. This made him to respell his name as Eminem.

Because of his race, he didn’t get enough support from his fellow rappers and this made him to feel arrogant every time. This arrogance can be seen in the music composition of Marshall. Most of the time, he spent in radio shows and in freestyle battles. The first album of Marshall was called as Infinite and he sold around 1000 copies and this lead them to become as a millionaire.  Later Marshall made his second album with Dre and it is called as the Marshall Mathers LP. This album won around 3 Grammy awards and it is nominated for the Album of the Year and it has been sold up to 8 million records within the United States. He reached all the records and at present he is working for the third Album.

Marshall was subject to scrutiny in his personal life as well as the rapper. He got married to Kimberley Anne Scott in 1999 and got divorced in the yea 2001. They got remarried in the year 2006 but they were divorced again.

Claim to fame

Marshall was the son of Deborah Mathers and Marshall Bruce Mathers. Soon after the birth of Marshall, his father leaved his family. Before travelling to Warren, His mother and family members moved to various towns and cities.  He was interested in the Hip hop music and performed the amateur raps at the age of 14 years. He got enrolled to the Lincoln high school and frequently participated in the approval from the freestyle battles. This participation made him to gain the approval from the hip hop audiences.  He discontinued schooling at the age of 17 years. He worked for many small professions to maintain lifestyle. The initial project of Marshall was with FBT productions. The debut film of Marshall was released in the year 1996. It was recorded at the recording studio named Bassmint. The debut film infinite includes all the struggles of Marshall that is faced with his daughter because of the limited funds.  He had a strong desire to get richer and worked hard to become rich. Because of these struggles and the alcohol addiction he tried for the suicidal attempt but was unsuccessful in that attempt. After the release of the second album called the slim shady, he was accused for imitating the underground rapper cage style. The Marshall Mathers LP got released in the year 2000 and around 1.76 million copies were sold in the first week of release and broke the record of fastest selling album in hip- hop.  Eminem was considered as the first white person who is seen on the Source magazine cover page.  He participated in several musical tours that include the Up in smoke tour that is participated with the company of rappers Dr. Dre, Xzibit, and Snoop dogg.


In 2003 September he worked on the fourth LP and it is released in the year 2004 November. Later in 2005, he took some break to focus on the family and gave an announcement that he is not taking this break for retirement.  Again in 2005, an album named Called Curtain call. In 2006, he started to prepare a new album called The Re-Up and was prepared to release the album. At last he was successfully released the album in dec 2006. In 2009 he released another new album named Relapse. In 2010 he released the album called recovery which shows the disappointment towards the previous album.  He received positive reviews for this album.

Awards and Nominations Received:

In this section you can find the list of the awards that are received from the beginning. We can find that Eminem has received several awards and achievements in his career.

In his musical Career, Eminem received around 9 Grammy awards and was nominated for this award for 21 times. He started to receive the awards since 1997, and the first award was received for the Wake up show album and he received the award as Freestyle performer of the year.

In the same year he won second place in the Rap Olympics. In 1999, he won the award as the best Hip-Hop artist. In 2000 he received several awards as Best video of the year for Guilt conscience, Best lyricist of the year, Best New artist, Favorite new artist, Hottest Music Video for Guilty conscience and even won the Best maximum vision video award for the album the real slim shady.

In 2001, he won favorite Male artist and favorite Rap artist. In addition he won National Album and Best National single award for the second album of Marshall. In 2002, he won the award Best male video and Best Rap video for without me album.  He even got the Best direction award for this video. In 2003, he got several awards for Hip-Hop music, The Eminem Show and lose yourself Albums. In 2004, he received Grammy award for the album “Lose Yourself”. In 2005, he got World music award, American music award and Teen choice award. In this manner he received several awards for his excellent music and he is not only an average rapper but he was very phenomenal.

Personal Quotes:

  • At this point, I’m like “Come up with something new.” I hate the same old questions. But it seems like “white” magazines such as Spin and Rolling Stone focus on my “whiteness” more than Black magazines” –On his colour
  • “I don’t want them once they turn 18″ – On Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera
  • “Some asshole kept throwing oranges and other fruit at me while I was onstage. Fucker had an arm like a major league pitcher…” –About one of his concerts.
  • “I would never fucking put them in a rhyme. I don’t even want them wondering if I was trying to diss them. I got a lot of love for them. I grew up on shit. The other rappers, whatever.” –On the Beastie Boys.
  • Never take ecstasy, beer, baccardi, weed, pepto bismol, vivarin, tums, tagamet hb, xanax, and valium in the same day. It makes it difficult to sleep at night.

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